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Risto Juujärvi, FIN
#131 Arctic Cat


28-years-old entrepreneur is one of the best snowcross riders in Finland. During his 14-years racing career he has achieved many championship titles: The Nordic Champion in snowcross, multiple Finnish Champions in snowcross and sprint, Snow Star Iceman title and the 4th place in European Championship in enduro. This multi-talent keeps himself in shape by skiing, going to the gym and playing volleyball. He is always eager to win and this season is not an exception. His goal is to win only gold medals!

Season 2014:

A lot of snowcross, enduro and sprint races. The goal for snowcross was to have fun and ride races occasionally and to participate in bigger races. Achievements of the season: European Champion silver, Snow X stadioncross 1st place, Levi Snowcross Open class 1st place. Finnish Championship enduro sprint 1st place. In enduro the aim was to conquer challenges of the Giant and after few technical problems I took the 2nd place in Giant.
Season 2015 target:
There will be only 2nd places left for others. The aim is to participate several snowcross races and possibly Finnish sprint Championship races and Giant in enduro.

Race calendar for 2015:

- beginning of January: Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi nationals
- mid January: Östersund Arctic Cat Cup
- beginning of February: Finnish Championships
- mid February: Battle of Nations in Russia


Matti Määttä, FIN
#58 Arctic Cat


All kind of exercise and motor equipment are close to Matti’s heart and it shows! Only few years of experience in snowcross and the 30-year-old electrician took the third place on Finnish Pro Stock Championships in 2013. In season 2014 Matti took his place in the finals in World Championships in Skellefteå. Follow this guy – You won’t be disappointed!

Season 2015

Season had really good qualification rounds but constancy and reliability were lacking during the entire race weekends. In the end, Matti placed 5th on the Finnish Championships, which he is satisfied with. Main focus of the season was World Championships in Ålvsby. "Demanding and icy track was really hard and I was not able to drive with relaxed spirit even though there was no pressure".  Matti did not quite make it to the finals and it did show as a disappointment.

Season 2016
Goal is to get medal from Finnish Championships. Stadion Cross race with open class snow mobiles is one of the highlights of the season. There is two World Championship races (Finland and Norway), and the goal is to drive in both. Main goal is to get to finals :)


Olli Alatalo, FIN
#11 Arctic Cat


Spinning, floor ball, hunting and jogging – you name it, a super-sporty 27-year-old Olli goes in for it. He has snowmobiling almost his whole life. As a construction machine driver he listens to strong motors every day.  10 years of snowcross racing and a lot of different prizes. Olli is also the winner of Sinisalo Challenge 2013. Olli has the desire to win and he is eager to start the season!

Season 2014:

Good heat results and entire season without interruptions. Achieved 10th place in Finnish Championship Pro and podium in Norway.

Goal for season 2015:

Ride quicker !


Jere Tynkkynen, FIN
#227 Lynx
snowcross team


26-year-old Production and Quality Manager in field of plastic business is interested in snowcross, motocross, wakeboarding, crossfit, floor ball etc! If someone, Jere has a lot of energy! His achievements during his 9 years snowcross racing career are for example the 5th place in Finnish Sport Championships 2009, the 4th place in Finnish Sport Championships 2010 and the 12th in Finnish Pro Stock Championships in 2013.

Season 2014:

Finnish Championship season started well on my part but after the first two rounds I placed 7th. I tried to improve in Vuokatti but after falling during the previous week and having fever, the final result was 8th. During the final race of the season my speed was great but two interruptions affected on the final result. I placed the 14th after an unlucky season in Finnish Championships. I learned a lot and I still need to improve. In Sverige Cup in Sweden I took the  4th place   – there was chances to win but there was misfortune.

Season 2015 target:

My target is to be among the best five in Finnish snowcross championships and I will try to make my debut in World Championship finals.


Heli Takkinen, FIN
#227 Lynx


31 year old Heli has gone in for snowcross now for 10 years and been competing since 2012. Heli claimed victory of the season 2013 in Snowstar women’s class. Her free time goes in spending time with her dog Hipsu, skiing and ATV cross.

Season 2015:
Women's European Champion. SM2 in MK enduro and MK sprint.

Season 2015:
On maternity leave.


Teppo Käkelä, FIN
#24 Lynx

32 year old Teppo takes interest not only in skicross but also motocross, dirtbiking, skiing and building SnMBs. He’s been riding snowmobiles since he was 6 years old and competing for over 10 years. 2012 Teppo won  Finnish Cup B/N600 Championship and year 2010 he won the Snowstar Iceman class.

Season 2015:
Bronze in European and Finnish Championships in MK enduro A/N800 class.


Jani Piikkilä, FIN


Jani’s recovery from knee injury which happened during the autumn 2014 lasted until spring 2015. He was able to drive motocross last summer and after year and a half break from snowcross he was able to drive again. He was finally able to test his new Sinisalo gear which felt good right away. Because of the lack of snow, he has not been able to practice as much as he would have wanted. But occasionally he has travelled up north to practice.

First Pro class Finnish Championship races were in Jyväskylä January 23rd. Jani had technical issues with his snow mobile during the race day. He took 15th place in qualification round. After more difficulties he placed 13th on both rounds.


Carolina Wärn #767 #348, FIN

Carolina Wärn is 18-year old studen from Pohjanmaa, Finland. Besides snow mobiles, she’s active in motocross and training. She started to compete during the season 2015 by driving all Finnish Championship sprints. She achieved bronze in SMK’s women’s class and Finnish Champion in SML race. Next season Carolina will be seen is snowcross as well.

Season 2016
The goal for season 2016 is to remain Finnish Champion in sprint and driving faster! And not to forget to have fun even though will to win is great. Hard work and will power will take you far!

Racebros Milwaukee Husqvarna Racing Team, FIN


Brightest star in enduro is Mika Karma. After serious injury, he returned to tracks, and won one race (Kärhän lenkki) 2015. He redeemed his place in Top 5 taking three podium places.

Adult team:
Mika Karma
Jarmo Koskiranta
Juha Aaltonen
Henri Rissanen.

Racebros Milwaukee Racing Team has also five junior drivers. They will drive in Finnish Cup in motocross and cross country junior league.

Jonne Karma
Frans Niemelä
Nuutti Hämäläinen
Niko Hokkane
Anthony Kesti


Dennis Todler, NOR


A 24-year-old Norwegian Dennis Todler is eager for the season! Goals for 2014 are no less than the Norwegian MX1 champion and top 5 in Swedish MX1 championships. Dennis is also interested to expand and increase the interest for motocross in Norway. So this motocross professional really aims high and we love it!


Santeri "Santtu" Kinnunen, FIN


An 18-year old rider Santtu Kinnunen started motocross at the age of 6 and he has not left his bike since! In this season Santtu competes in MX2 Finnish Championships and some International competitions. In spite of his youth Santtu has raced in different competitions already for many years in Finland and in future he is looking for more international competitions! “My goal is to go abroad and be successful there.” he says. A sporty guy loves skateboarding among other sports


Crossiblogi Racing, FIN


Crossiblogi is an online service for young motocross riders including information about technology and maintenance of the bikes and the news about junior riders. The blog has an own team too: Team Crossiblogi.
At the moment the team has 3 young riders:
Lenni Niemi  9 years MX65 KTM SX65
Miro Niemi 12 years MXC / B KTM SX85
Jami Niemelä 12 years MXC / A, Adrenalin Arena Cup, the Estonian Championship MX85 KTM SX85

The team does not set any goals or pressure about the results. The objective is just to develop the racing skills.


Sami Kanerva, FIN



Sanna Kärkkäinen, FIN


21-year-old Sanna Kärkkäinen has been around bikes ever since she was a little girl. She learned to ride a moped when she was only 3,5 years old. Even learning such an early age, she did not start motocross until she was 8-years-old. After the start she’s been close to the motocross genre. Sanna has won championships in Motocross MX D through the years 2009-2014. Her first year in Enduro was a success; she won silver in European Championships. Season 2015 she turned the silver to gold metal. 2015 was success in Finland as well: Sanna won championships in Enduro Lady Cup and Cross Country Finnish Cup. Sanna has represented Finland in National Team in Enduro World Championship, ISDE Germany 2012 and Slovakia 2015.

Season 2016:
Sanna’s aim is Enduro’s World Championship class.

Thumbs up for Sanna!


Matias Murto


Matias Murto is 15-year old motocross driver from Rajamäki, Finland. Matias started motocross when he was 4-years old and competing when he was 7-year old. He has gotten a lot of experience from competing and with good results: 2nd place in MX65 league (2009+2010), 3rd place in MX85 C/C Sinisaloleague (2011), 1st place in MX85 C/B Sinisalo league (2012), 2nd place MX85 C/A Finnish Cup (2013), 4th place Honda EMX 150 (2014) and 13th MXJ (2015).

Motorcross is Matias’s main hobby besides it, he does various other sports. It is important to stay in good fit. His personal trainer Janne Leander has helped him to add motivation and goal-directed. This winter training has been focused on gym workouts.

Season 2015
Matias changed to bigger bike, Honda CRF 250 R. He drove in MXJ class and also few races in MX2.

Goals for season 2016
Season starts internationally big race in Latvia. Main goal for the season is make a success in MXJ class in Finland and to participate in as many MX2 class races as possible.


Santtu Tiainen, FIN


Santtu Tiainen, 24-year old motocross driver from Siilinjärvi, Salo, Finland. He started motocross when he was 3 years old. First race he drove during the year 2004. Achievements: Finnish Championship MX1 bronze 2010, MX1/MXGP World Championships class in different teams with various success 2011-2013, Finnish Champion in MX1 2014 and Finnish motocross team champion 2014.

Season 2015 was affected by cycle of injuries.

Season 2016 Santtu will go through Germany’s adac masters league and races in Holland, Belgium and Finland whenever possible.